Product Range – Manufacturing Capability

Power Flight Aviation is capable of supplying a wide range of made-to-order manufactured helicopter and aircraft components in accordance with OEM specifications and blue prints.

Generally, the product line of manufactured components excludes engines and transmissions that are typically sole sourced only to the OEM. However, we have the capability to manufacture and fabricate components, and sub-components, and also complete the final assembly for a wide range of parts utilizing only OEM and approved sources for material supplies and processes through our sister company W&G Machine.

A sampling of our manufactured components includes In Flight Refueling Probe Assemblies (CH53), Piston Assemblies (UH60, SH60, CH53, CH47D), Landing Gear Tail Fork Assemblies, Drive Shafts, Drag Beam Axles, Main Rotor Head Damper Assemblies, Shaft Assemblies, Control Stick Assemblies, Connecting Links, Rod End Assemblies, and Lock Rings (UH60) just to name a few.